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The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films


The Boys of St Columb's
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Man of Aran1934
National Geographic's Ballad of the Irish Horse1985
John Huston and the Dubliners1988
Mother Ireland1988
Michael Collins: Shadow of Bealnablath1991
When Ireland Starved: An Gorta Mór, The Great Famine1992
Tyfoid Mary (NOVA)1993
Home Away from Home: The Yanks in Ireland1995
Irish in America, The1995
Out of Ireland:The Story of Irish Emigration to America1995
Eugene O'Neill1996
JFK in Ireland 1996
I Am Ireland: A Portrait of the Composer Sean O'Ri
Celts, The - Rich Traditions & Ancient Myths1997
McCourts of Limerick, The1997
Sex in a Cold Climate1997
William Butler Yeats - The Heart of Ireland1997
Celtic Journey Through Time, A: A Short History of Ireland1998
Irish at Gettysburg1998
Irish in America, The: Long Journey Home1998
Legends of Ireland: Fairies and Leprechauns1998
McCourts of New York, The1998
Celtic Legends - Irish Legends1999
Southpaw: The Francis Barrett Story1999
Oscar Wilde: Wit's End (Biography)2000
True Story of the Molly Maguires2000
From a Whisper to a Scream: History of Irish Rock2001
If I Should Fall From Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story2001
Irish Harvest2001
St. Patrick Apostle of Ireland2001
Amuse Bouche: A Chef's Tale2002
Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan, The2002
In Search of Ancient Ireland2002
Irish Mosaics - The Best of Irish Film, Music, and Sport2002
Irish Writers2003
On the Irish Whiskey Trail2003
On the Road with the Dropkick Murphys2003
Cinderella Man: The James J. Braddock Story2005
Roots of a Man2005
Book of Kells, The 2006
Paddy Whacked: The Irish Mob2006
James Joyce's Dublin-Ulysses Tour2007
Secrets of the Dead: Irish Escape2007
Boys of St Columb's, The2009
True Story of the Fighting Sullivans, The2009
Pipe, The2010
Waking the TitanicWaking the Titanic2012
One Million Dubliners2014
Conor McGregor: NotoriousConor McGregor: Notorious2017
Ireland's Wild CoastIreland's Wild Coast2017


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