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 Title  W C
For those few who haven't visited Europe, WC stands for water closet, or as we put it, the toilet. Here we have two people whose lives are in the toilet literally and figuratively. The first is Jack who was just recently released from jail. The other is Katya, a Russian immigrant fleeing from deportation and a sex trade scam. So they end up as bathroom attendants, the ultimate in low wage jobs. The lousy pay and dirty work pale when compared to the mere contact with the snobby, upscale clientele. Obnoxious Americans and Irish acting like those Americans find every opportunity to make their job just a little bit harder. Yet, there is hope. The Irish character is not dead. Generosity to those less fortunate still lives in Jack. Downtrodden as he is, Jack helps a homeless guy and Katya while giving the snobs a little of what they need, as well. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2007      Type   Drama    Rating   
 Director  Liam O Mochain  Writer  Liam O Mochain
 Cast  Liam O Mochain, Julia Wakeham, Adam Goodwin, Mary Murray,
 Charlie Kranz, Julie Hale


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