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A typical Irishman adores sports of all kinds. The ‘love of the game’ supersedes friends, job, and family. ‘It’s brilliant,‘ an Irishman said of his game: hurling. So much of a young man’s life is channeled into ‘the game’ that some find it difficult to move on to family life. Where the American male becomes content to watch the games, the Irishman finds a way to keep playing long into adulthood. Here, a ragtag band of aging footballers spend their spare time practicing to the detriment of everything else. It takes land developers trying to seize their local pitch to wake them up. The footballers understand the implications of paving over earth’s emerald, but others are blinded by a different kind of green. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2006       Type    Comedy     Rating   
 Director  Paul Mercier  Writer  Paul Mercier
 Cast  Liam Carney, Brendan Gleeson, Eanna MacLiam, David Wilmot,
 Eamonn Owens, Shaun Elebert


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