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"The Railway
Station Man
by Jennifer Johnston

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 Title  The Railway Station Man
Jennifer Johnston, who lives in Northern Ireland, gives us a firsthand perspective of what it's like to live, generation after generation, in a war zone. Of the many such films, what makes this story unique is that we only see inside. We only see hints of the outward hostilities; the conflict is inside the family and inside its members. We are placed deep within one family that has lost their father/husband in a racially motivated attack. We are never told whether the family is Catholic or Protestant, only that he was accidentally killed by his own. It is telling that outsiders without knowledge of the distinctions between the two groups would not be able to tell to which side this family belongs. Did the filmmakers assume we all know the subtle differences or is that their real point? In this sad tale of loss there is no end to violence. There is nothing to do but grieve the loss of fathers and sons. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1992      Type    Drama    Rating    NR
 Director   Michael Whyte  Writer   Shelagh Delaney
 Cast  Julie Christie, Donald Sutherland, John Lynch, Frank MacCusker,
 Mark Tandy, Ingrid Craigie


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