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 Title  Parked
It is common knowledge that many Irish emigrate. Not so well known is that they return to retire in their native land. One such returnee, depicted here, finds his welcome and his prospects are not what he had expected. With so many immigrating to Ireland, soaring housing prices have created a new homeless class. The once generous government now treats its own as outsiders, imposing a catch-22 system of needing an address to get help finding housing. The daily struggles of basic survival pale to the shame and emotional distress from being stuck - parked - with no place to call home. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2010      Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Darragh Byrne  Writer  Ciaran Creagh
 Cast  Colm Meaney, Colin Morgan, Milka Ahlroth, Stuart Graham,
  Michael McElhatton, David Wilmot,
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