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 Title  The Nephew
So many have emigrated from Ireland because of the famine in the past and the lack of jobs that still exists today, that when strangers from other countries show up and say they are relatives, the Irish are not surprised. But there are other reasons for emigration. Until recently, divorce was illegal in Ireland. Abortion is still illegal. So when love goes wrong, the Irish get going. Here an American nephew, totally unknown to his relatives, shows up to find his family. Just one generation from Ireland and only a few rebel songs to show for it. America has taken hold of him. Many come to find their roots. Some find that their family tree is rooted in lost loves and shattered lives. Link to reviews
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 Year    1996      Type    Drama    Rating    NR
 Director   Eugene Brady  Writer   Jacqueline O'Neill
 Cast  Hill Harper, Pierce Brosnan, Lorraine Pilkington, Phelim Drew,
  Niall Toibin, Donal McCann


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