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 Title  Little Nellie Kelly
Judy Garland, who was one quarter Irish, plays the title role, but the story is really about her father and grandfather who make their way to America. America, the land of opportunities -- the opportunity to work and the freedom from having to kowtow to the gentry. This is what the Irish immigrants in this film expect of America. And who should know this better than the author of our tale, George M. Cohan, the son of Irish immigrants. Before he ever steps on the boat, our hero's ambition is to become a New York cop, and, of course, he does. Aside from Grandfather's little trouble with the union, settling into their new country goes smoothly for the Kellys and the Fogartys. Link to reviews
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 Year    1940      Type    Comedy    Rating   NR
 Director  Norman Taurog  Writer  Jack McGowen
 Cast  Judy Garland, George Murphy, Charles Winninger, Douglas McPhail


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