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 Title  Happy Ever Afters
Immigration and homelessness --These are two issues that dominate the modern Irish scene. Here they are artfully intertwined in a comedy that on the surface is about two couples getting married on the same day. A woman who is about to lose her house agrees to marry an immigrant about to be deported. The plan is simple enough. Both would benefit financially and yet have no emotional ties. Still, the heart is not easily toyed with. It longs for real love and real relationships. So when things go awry, tempers flair and accusations fly. We feel for the two more so because they are a reflection of the new era in Ireland. Central to the plot are the nosy immigration officers. What an ironic role-reversal for the Irish. A country that once lost half of its population to foreign lands now has immigration problems of too many people trying to move to the small island. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2009      Type   Comedy    Rating   NR
 Director  Stephen Burke  Writer  Stephen Burke
 Cast  Sally Hawkins, Tom Riley, Sinead Maguire, Tina Kellegher,
  Deirdre Molloy, Jill Murphy, Simon Delaney


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