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 Title  Grabbers
When an alien landing occurs off the coast of Erin Island the locals are, at first, curious. When the aliens turn out to be dangerous the locals have to stop and think. Do they panic? Do they call for help? Do they kneel and pray? No! Good old Irish sensibility allows them to keep cool even in the deadliest situations. They stick together and use their heads. They show the aliens who's tougher and who's better at holding their drink. The local scientist is depicted as competent and sociable where so many films portray scientists as social misfits who can't function under pressure. Though there are truly frightening moments this film succeeds in bringing smiles to our faces and even some deep belly laughs. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2013      Type   Horror    Rating   NR
 Director  Jon Wright  Writer  Kevin Lehane
 Cast  Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey,
   Lalor Roddy, David Pearse, Bronagh Gallagher
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