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"Captain Boycott"

by Philip Rooney

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 Title  Captain Boycott
In the 1880s there was a push in the English parliament to give Ireland Home Rule, or as we would say, self governance. Charles Stewart Parnell, though a protestant landowner and Member of Parliament, pushed for Home Rule holding rallies where he preached against unfairly high rents on tenant farmers. In Co. Mayo, 1880, the tenant farmers of Capt. Boycott refused to pay rent. At first they used violence to keep from being evicted. Then, they joined the Land League and a new idea spread: shunning. So, no one would even speak to Boycott. No one would work in his house or in his fields. Unable to bring in his crops, Boycott hired outsiders and had the army brought in to protect them. When it hit the papers, the whole country's eyes were on Mayo. In the end the tenants won thus coining the term boycott, forever. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year        1947  Type   Drama    Rating   NR
 Director  Frank Launder  Writer  Frank Launder
 Cast  Stewart Granger, Kathleen Ryan, Cecil Parker, Mervyn Johns,
  Alastair Sim, Noel Purcell


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