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 Title  The Break (aka A Further Gesture)
In the 1980's there was a large population of Irish men in British prisons stemming from the increased IRA activities. Many a young woman spent her weekend visiting her man, innocent or guilty, behind bars. As a result, many an Irish man developed a marked sense of injustice. And, rubbing elbows with criminals, learned 'skills' that they didn't have much use in ordinary society, but were much prized by militant groups. In our story, our hero Sean, after breaking out of prison, emerges with such skills. He flees Ireland and goes into hiding in New York City. He tries to lead and ordinary life, but when confronted with injustice in his new home he returns to learned patterns of violence. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    1997       Type    Drama     Rating    R
 Director   Robert Dornhelm  Writer   Ronan Bennett
 Cast  Stephen Rea, Alfred Molina, Rosana Pastor, Brendan Gleeson, Jorge Sanz,
  Pruitt Taylor Vince


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