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 Title  Bloom
This is the second attempt to render James Joyce's masterpiece on film. This film uses the same devices (voice over for inner dialogue, wild costumes and posses for fantasies) as its predecessor Ulysses, but adds a multitude of visual metaphors absent in the earlier film. One reason for this is self-censorship -- "Ulysses" was not comfortable with Bloom's piles and flatulence, leaving them out. The same goes for nudity and sex, which are more abundant here. And it is set in the correct year! That said, the earlier film was closer to the book in other ways. Most notably: Molly's speech does not bookend (open and close) the film and wasn't truncated and cut to ribbons as in this film. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year   2004      Type   Drama    Rating   NR (R)
 Director  Sean Walsh  Writer  Sean Walsh
 Cast   Stephen Rea, Angeline Ball, Hugh O'Conor, Neilí Conroy, Eoin McCarthy,
  Alvaro Lucchesi


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