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"Breakfast on Pluto"

by Pat McCabe

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 Title  Breakfast on Pluto
On the surface this might appear a light piece about a transvestite, 'Kitten,' spreading his/her wings in 1960's Ireland. Yet, the deeper roots to the character, and to the character of Ireland itself, loom large throughout. Kitten just does not fit in. Thus, he must tread through, abandonment, gossip, intolerance, and betrayal in his hometown. This makes him tough. He goes to England where he thinks he may find acceptance. But tough in an Irish small town does not cut it in London. Homeless, and hopelessly naive, he falls victim to every sordid conniver that sets eyes on him. Looking for acceptance he falls afoul of prostitutes, exploitive employers, the IRA, the police, and a serial killer. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2005       Type    Comedy     Rating    R
 Director   Neil Jordan  Writer   Pat McCabe
 Cast  Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson, Ruth Negga, Laurence Kinlan, Stephen Rea,
   Brendan Gleeson, Ian Hart, Eamonn Owens


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