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The Irish in Film
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 Title  Black Irish
Written locally and shot in Boston and Charlestown, this film captures the local accent, décor, habits, likes, dislikes and idiosyncrasies of this poor Irish neighborhood. The slang ‘Black Irish’ has several definitions (which confounds those who insist upon one, correct meaning). The meaning of the title here, however, is clear. When the blonde, blue-eyed Terry refers to himself as Black Irish he means ‘low class.’ So much does he embrace this demeaning label that he cannot overcome it. He believes he’s predestined to a short, miserable life. His brother, not under this spell, works at becoming a baseball player or a priest. He gives his best to all his many pursuits, looking beyond the endless setbacks and failures, toward a future beyond the ghetto. Link to reviews Click picture
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 Year    2007      Type   Drama    Rating   R
 Director  Brad Gann  Writer   Brad Gann
 Cast  Brendan Gleeson, Michael Angarano, Tom Guiry, Melissa Leo,
  Emily VanCamp, Michael Rispoli


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