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The Irish in Film
A Complete List of Irish Films

 Title  Ash Wednesday
Are there still Irish in Hell's Kitchen? I guess there still are -- according to this film, anyway. Set in the1980s, we find Hell's Kitchen becoming increasingly Hispanic. Two Irish-American brothers run a family pub. On the surface they are nice boys. One is going to college and is married to a Spanish woman. The other, after a troubled past, has cleaned up his act with the aid of the local priest. But we learn that behind this façade are connections to the mob that span generations. Unlike State of Grace, this film has no sympathy for the last remnants of the gangs. Yet, like Mystic River, the homegrown justice can get out of hand. The turf wars go on, but only the Irish toughs remain; the everyday Irish have moved on long ago. Link to reviews
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 Year   2002      Type   Action    Rating   R
 Director  Edward Burns  Writer  Edward Burns
 Cast   Elijah Wood, Brian Burns, Pat McNamara, Edward Burns,
 Malachy McCourt, Rosario Dawson


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