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by Brendan O'Carroll

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 Title  Agnes Browne
Until recently when Ireland came to be called the Celtic tiger, Ireland was a poor country. For centuries the majority of the population considered themselves lucky if they could just get by; the Irish seemed to accept poverty as inevitable. Agnes Browne exemplifies the tough Irish woman who by hard work, cleverness, and resilience manages to raise her family with no husband and very little income. Most important, however, are her friends and neighbors who stick by her through the difficult times as well as the good. The sense of community was valued above all else and yet it seems to be getting lost as Ireland lifts itself into modern prosperity. link to
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 Year    2000      Type    Drama    Rating   R
 Director  Anjelica Huston  Writer  John Goldsmith,
  Brendan O'Carroll
 Cast  Anjelica Huston, Marion O'Dwyer, Niall O'Shea, Ciaran Owens,
  Roxanna Williams


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