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 Title   About Adam
Here is the Irish middle class that we rarely see on film. This modern view of 1990's Dublin sheds the self-consciousness and political undercurrents that course through so many films set in Ireland. It is light, comic, and so unfettered by sexual taboos that even French cinema must blush. It's a sort of 'Bridget Jones's Dublin Diary.' But, of course, this means this story could have taken place anywhere. The only traditional element here is the smooth-talking rogue, who in his native Ireland, cannot not rely upon a foreign accent to add to his charm. link to Amazon.com
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 Year   2000      Type   Comedy    Rating   R
 Director  Gerard Stembridge  Writer  Gerard Stembridge
 Cast  Stuart Townsend, Frances O'Connor, Charlotte Bradley, Kate Hudson,
  Alan Maher, Brendan Dempsey

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